Business moves fast.
So does AGILUS.
Engage AGILUS as your IT consulting and recruiting partner to help you move swiftly to achieve sustainable results.
Amplify your results
with a dynamic team.
Entrust Agilus Global Services to help satisfy your organization’s business and IT staffing needs.
Guidance Where You Need It
Confidently navigate business and technology trends to deliver more value to your business.

We help our clients become more agile and responsive to the evolving needs of the modern digital business world.

Our mission is to help businesses of all sizes today become the leading companies of tomorrow. We leverage our industry expertise, deep relationships and technical know-how to provide exceptional consulting services, talent acquisition and advisory services.

Through our service offerings, we help our clients evolve their capabilities in order to win in a highly competitive global marketplace. With over 20 years of experience, AGILUS Global Services brings together top industry talent and strategic partners to deliver tailored, timely and cost effective solutions for our clients.

Focusing on a wide range of industries to include: Insurance, Banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing and the Federal Government.


Flexible Staffing Solutions

Experienced consultants to augment your project teams when and where you need them.


Win the Race for Top Talent

Relationships matter. Leverage our broad network to create career enhancing connections.


Advice When You Need It

Creative and innovative thinking to help improve business performance.


Proven Industry Leadership

President and Founder Dennis Williams brings over 20 years of experience in the insurance and financial services industries and a strong track record of success. Dennis is a credible leader who has established and managed senior client relationships and has led global sales and delivery teams for Fortune 500 companies.

Meet the Founder

Pronunciation: uh-jil-lus
Definition: To be agile, nimble, efficient and quick.